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It’s great to be a part of Melbourne internet radio station Radio Valerie. A few weeks ago, I started my own show, “Shake Your Power”. It’s Saturday 5-7pm and it’s two hours of funk 45’s, soul, jazz funk, disco and everything around there!
This station is exciting. It’s DIY radio, it’s new, it’s a fresh injection of passionate people who just want to do radio. It’s brings together people who love the music they play and topics they present….and, I’m not hearing it anywhere else!!



Sorry about the slackness of me and this blog. So many grand visions and plans for this page, that WILL happen!

Believe me!

I am in the process of funk 45 mixes and a mellow funks set to post and putting up info about records I’m finding and gigs/radio spots and goins on here in Melbourne town.

So give me a week and I’ll have some new info about 45’s I picked up of late and new sets for you to download and put on whilst doing whatcha do!


“Funky Music is The Thing!” playlist 2/1/2010

Back on PVFM Saturday nights 10-12

Here we go…

Women’s Lib – Lucille Spann

It’s My Thing – Marva Whitney

Get It – Wilmer Alexander & The Dukes

The Matador – Major Lance

Back Up Train – Al Green

Boss Love – Lee Rogers

Kick Out The Jam – Deep Street Soul

Do The Push & Pull Pt 1 – Rufus Thomas

Can I Be Your Squeeze – Chuck Carbo & The Soul Finders

Love The Life You Live – Black Heat

Let Me Be Your Lovemaker – Betty Wright

Working Woman – Gizelle Smith & The Mighty Mocambos

Striking Back – Herbie Hancock

Snoopy’s Search – Billy Cobham

Get Down – Harvey Scales & The 7 Sounds

Get Up & Dance – Freedom

Gimme Some Of Yours – Artie White

Repectable – The Outsiders

Wobble Legs – Tommie Dark

Stranded In Your Love – Lee Fields & Sharon Jones

Nabbit Juice – Eastwind

Soul Machine – The Meters

Express Yourself – Gerald Faulk

The Man Who Must Leave – Kim Sun

Lady Jane – The Plastic Cow Goes MOOOG

I’m A Streaker Baby – Areleen Brown

Bad Tune – Earth, Wind & Fire

Tomorrow – Emmanuel Lasky

“New & Groovy” 3RRR filling in for Johnny Topper 30/12/2009

Doing the New & Groovy thang for the next two weeks whilst Topper is on his summer holidays!

On 30/12 I got ya:

Bumpin’ Bus Stop – Thunder & Lighting

I Sayed That – Slim Willis Band

Testify – Johnson 3+1

Ball Of Fire – Marva Whitney

Crumbs For The Table – The Young Disciples

Right On For The Darkness – Curtis Mayfield

Summer Madness – Kool & The Gang

I Need Love Pt 1 – Hunt’s Determination Band

Loveitis – Harvey Scales & The 7 Sounds

BK – Calvin Keys

Sha La La – Duo Moreno Combo, Live at The Villa Borghese

Darkest Light – The Lafayette Afro Rock Band

Do The Funky Penguin – Rufus Thomas

Humpin – Frank Armstrong & The Stingers

Chittlin Pot Pt 1 – The Highlighters

Lady Jane – The Plastic Cow Goes MOOOOG

Squalk Talk – Enoch Light

Sexy Mama – Moments

We Want To Parrty, Parrty, Parrty – Lyn Collins

Blowin Up My Mind – The Exciters

Mr Magic – Grover Washington Jr

What Can You Do In Your Life – Petalouda

90% Of Me Is You – Amral’s Trinidad Cavaliers Steel Orchestra

Gimme Some – The Mohawks

Got To Getcha – Maceo & All The Kings Men

I’m Going To Try To Be Real True To You – Bird Rollins

Put Everything Together – PLUS

Back on next Wed, next year!

3rrr 102.7fm

Happy New Year

“Funky Music is The Thing!” playlist 19/12/2009

A look at what was enjoyed over the year…great local releases, a few nice 45’s found, funky jazz, hot soul

Bumpin’ Bus Stop – Thunder & Lighting

Get Me Back On Time Engine No 9 – Wilson Pickett

Man’s Best Friend – Bobby D Husband

Takes – Emeli Sande & Marco with the DT6

Blowing Up My Mind – The Exciters

When Will It End – Honeycone

Crate Diggin – Deep Street Soul

Salted Popcorn – Natural Rhythm

In The Jungle – The Hygrades

Beaten Metal – Antibalas

Kindness – Tony Allen

BK – Calvin Keys

The Long John – Jarvis Jackson

Pass The hatchet pt 1 – Roger & The Gypsies

I Can Do Anything You Can Do – The Rhythm Masters

Bullets Don’t Have Eyes – Ernie & Eddie

Honey Dove – Lee Fields & The Expressions

What Have You Done? – Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens

Shake Your Power – Harvery Scales

Go For Yourself – Soul Toranadoes

Woman – Dyke & The Blazers

Push & Shove – Willy Wiley

Super Funky Pt 1 – Thunder, Lighting & Rain

What Can You Do In Your Life? – Petalouda

Funky Funky Hot Pants – Wee Willie Mason

Try A Little Kindness – The Raelettes

Got a couple of spots on 3RRR over the next week or so.

Graveyard Boxing Day night 2-6am and filling in for Johnny Topper on “New & Groovy” Wed Dec 30/12 2-4pm.

Been a great year on PVFM 88.6fm….Sat 10pm!



“Funky Music is The Thing!” playlist 7/11/2009

Back after doing graveyards and fills on 3RRR and gigs here and there…mostly there.

The Breakdown Pt 2 – Rufus Thomas

Blow In My Ear – Variable Reluctance

The Funky 16 Corners Pt 2 – The Highlighters

The Next In Line – Hoagy Lands

Soulin’ – Eddie Lang

Pig Snoots Pt 1 – Natural Bridge Bunch

Money Is King – Lee Fields & The Expessions

Spider Web – Weston Prim & Backlash

Rock Steady – Aretha Franklin

Golden Stone – Mandrill

Trash a go go – Funkadelic

Pickin & A Grinnin – The Meters

Tip Of The Iceberg – Enoch Light

Mrs OJ – David Axelrod

More Bread To The People – The Action 13

Salted Popcorn – Natural Rhythm

I Need Love Pt 1 – Hunt’s Determination Band

It’s A Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World – James Brown

Papa Left Me Holding The Bag – The Jewels

We Got To Love One Another – The Rock

Dance To The Music – Super Hits Band

Baby Don’t Cry – The Third Guitar

Across The Tracks – The Believers

Don’t Spill The Wine – High Society Brothers

Fool I Am – The Montiques

Hold Tight – Bobby McNutt

Up From The South – The Budos Band

Funky In Here – Dayton Sidewinders

Listen To The Message – D.J. Rogers

“Funky Music is The Thing!” playlist 17/10/2009

88.6FM 10pm-midnight

No show this Saturday, on3RRR 102.7fm 2-4am!

So here’s what I played and you probably didn’t hear last Saturday night:

The Long John – Jarvis Jackson

Sweet Woman – The Dynamics

Shake Your Power – Harvey Scales

Uhh – Dyke & The Blazers

Hey Little Angel – Gene Chandler

One, Two, Three – Ramsey Lewis

Got To Getcha – Maceo & The Macks

Horse With A Freeze – Roy Ward (Eddie Bo)

Ball Of Fire – Marva Whitney

Humpin’ – Frank Armstrong & The Stingers

Mindpower – James Brown

Deep Street Strut – Deep Street Soul

Miles Runs The Voodoo Down – Miles Davis

Aunt Lovely – Calvin Keys

Willie Pass The Water – Ripple

Nine Times Out Of Ten – Simtec & Wylie

Jeolous Man – Betty Wright

You Can’t Beat Two People In Love – Lyn Collins

If This Ain’t Love – Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators

I Want To Go Back There Again – BJ Arnau

Gool Ol Funky Music – The Meters

I Can Do Anything You Can Do – The Rhythm Masters

Iron Leg – Mickey & The Soul Generation

Funky Thang – Soul Toranodoes

Bedroom – Galt McDermot

Highland Park – Connie Prince & The Keystones

The Hiccup – Robert Parker

Think Twice – Donald Byrd

There ya at!

Soul a Go Go

Playing Soul a Go Go this Saturday night.

If you haven’t been before, you have missed out on a lot of good times! But you can make it up this weekend!

I’m really happy to be playing this huge monthly funk/soul party.

Spinning 45’s from 12.30-1.15 & 2.15-3am!


“Funky Music is The Thing!” playlist 29/8/2009

Ok so there is a weekly radio show that I have been meaning to mention more of here.

It’s “Funky Music is The Thing!” , on 88.6 PVFM Saturday’s at 10pm.

Here’s what was played last week to give you an idea of where it’s at, musically speaking:


Black Conversation – Ryhthm Masters

Soul Pusher – Joe Chopper & The Swinging 7 Soul Band

Funky Runthrough – Poets of Rhythm

Don’t Pity Me – Sue Lynn

Keeper Of The Castle – Four Tops

Honey Dove – Lee Fields

Working Woman – Gizelle Smith & The Mighty Mocambos

Talkin Loud & Sayin Nothin – James Brown

Super Party – Soul Hustlers

Blow Your Top – Soul Destroyers

Double Dutch – The Keystones

You Better Change – Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators

Licks A Plenty – Jimmy McGriif & Groove Holmes

Sha La La – Duo Moreno Combo

Life & Death In G & A – Abaco Dream

Here Come The Girls – Ernie K Doe

Make The Road By Walking – Menahan Street Band

Tell Him – The Exciters

The Street – Jean Stanback

Change Is Gonna Come – Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens

Get Yourself Together – Ebony Rhythm Band

Popcorn – Charles Spurling

Stop Think It Over – Jimmy & Eddie

The Boy’s Doin It – Hugh Masakela

Soul Machine – The Meters

Highland Park – Coonie Prince & The Keystones

Don’t Mess With People – Mandrill

The Pot’s Hot – The Sherlock Holmes Investigation

Can’t say Nothin – Curtis Mayfield

Back on this Saturday night at 10pm


3RRR FM Radiothon Aug 14-23 2009


Be sure to get down and subscribe to support this years Radiothon “I Will Subscribe.”

Australia’s biggest community radio station has got the disco going(not that we’re playing any disco!) and has the dancefloor ready with all the best from it’s independant, listener supported radio!

So, we’re asking for a small cover charge to get in and become a part of the 3RRR family and all the benefits it brings. Huge prizes on offer too, for both local and overseas subscribers. But knowing that 3RRR will be around for another year is the most important.

I am doing a graveyard as part of Radiothon on Monday 17th August 2-6am, so I’d love to hear from you. But you can subscribe to any show at any time. Works out to be just over a dollar a week! A bargain compared to what you get. Just think of the hundreds of volunteers who help out in all areas to run the station. The people who bring you the shows each week, all the time and effort they put in to a non-playlisted program reflecting the great music of all areas and genres.

And it’s your station, so you can be a part in so many ways, but the most important support comes through subscription.

So we’ll see you on the dancefloor! Although you probably don’t want to see me dance!

Jay Stride